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Sulfonyl Chloride Resin

Sulfonyl Chloride Resin


Sulfonyl chloride resin is a widely used reagent and can be applied in organic synthesis. It can react with alcohols to generate polymer-supported tosylates, which can then be cleaved with nucleophiles to generate secondary and tertiary amine, thioethers and N-alkylimidazoles. This approach has been employed to prepared oxazolidinones by a cyclative cleavage strategy involving intramolecular aminolysis of the polymer-bound tosylate. It can also be used as an efficient solid-supported condensation reagent for the solution phase synthesis of esters or a derivative azide transfer reagent to prepare α-diazo ketones. Chiral amine can also be supported on this resin to reduce the aromatic ketone to secondary alcohols.

  • Product Specification

    Product # Cross Linker (DVB) Particle Size (mesh) Loading (mmol/g) 5g 25g 100g
    19031850 1% 100-200 1.0-3.0 $110  $300  $725 
    19031851 1% 200-400 1.0-3.0 $110  $300  $725 
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