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Sieber Resin

Sieber Resin


Sieber resin is an excellent support for the synthsis of protected peptide amides and carboxamides. The resin was used in preparation of amides, cyanobiaryls and glycopeptides. Carboxylic acids can be coupled to deprotected Sieber resin under standard conditions. Cleavage is effected by 1% TFA.

  • Product Specification

    Product # Cross Linker (DVB) Particle Size (mesh) Loading (mmol/g) 5g 25g 100g
    61315314850 1% 100-200 0.2-0.8 $220  $753  $1,830 
    61315314851 1% 200-400 0.2-0.8 $220  $753  $1,830 
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