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MBHA Resin

MBHA Resin


MBHA resin is used in the preparation of peptide amides by Boc SPPS. The amide bonds formed on MBHA resin can be cleaved more easily than those on BHA resin, and therefore MBHA resin has been used more often in the synthesis of amides. The cleavage condition is the same with that of BHA resin. The excellent swelling properties make MBHA resin ideal matrix onto which to attach linkers for combinatorial synthesis just with the care of avoiding strongly acidic conditions during synthesis, as this may result in some loss of linker. MBHA resins have been also utilized to produce quinolinones from β-lactams, and recently used in solid synthesis of 2-arylaminobenzimidazoles, nucleic acid analog peptide(NAAP), (4,4-dihydro-1H-imidazole-2-yl)-1,3-dihydro-2H-benzimidazol-2-ones, tri- and tetra- and pentapeptides.

  • Product Specification

    Product # Cross Linker (DVB) Particle Size (mesh) Loading (mmol/g) 25g 100g
    14081830 1% 70-90 0.3-0.8 $120  $380 
    14081831 1% 100-200 0.3-0.8 $120  $380 
    14081832 1% 100-200 0.8-1.6 $120  $380 
    14081833 1% 200-400 0.3-0.8 $120  $380 
    14081834 1% 200-400 0.8-1.6 $120  $380 
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