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We aim to become your most reliable partner and resin supplier by providing best customer care and competitive pricing without compromising on the product quality. 

Applied Polytech Inc. is a Canada-based SPPS resin supplier. We specialize in SPPS Resin and polystyrene microspheres supply with the aim to provide the highest quality of products and the most competitive prices to our quality-drive customers as we understand every penny in your funding matters!


We are a small, dedicated group of individuals striving to serve both academia and industry with our products and services with dedication, quality and compliance. We offer free sample and immediate refund/replacement if you are unhappy with the product quality.

    Applications of Peptide Synthesis The applications of peptide synthesis are becoming a hot topic as the robust development in areas of biotechnology and bioengineering. Peptide synthesis can be utilized in numerous cutting edge researches, such as drug discovery, disease diagnosis and treatment, or even vaccine design and development. In other words, peptide synthesis plays a crucial role in today’s biochemical, pharmacological, immunological and biophysical laboratories. Taking vaccine design as an example, traditional approaches used in vaccine preparation can be costly and hard to get when it comes to large scale production. Peptide-based vaccines, a topic that scientists are discussing proactively nowadays, are relatively safer because there is no biological material in the process, therefore no unwanted immune response will be produced. Overview of Peptide Synthesis The most commonly used method for peptide synthesis in today’s labs is the solid-phase method. This method was first introduced in the early 1960s by Merrifield. His article Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis. I. The Synthesis of a Tetrapeptide revolutionized the peptide synthesis industry by introducing the method of solid phase synthesis, which largely increased the efficiency and purity of peptide synthesis. In this solid-phase approach, it is on a solid support (resin) that the synthesis is carried out. And that is also the reason why wholesale resin supplies are becoming increasingly popular with the advent of solid phase peptide synthesis technique. In solid phase peptide synthesis, cleavage is the most important step as you need to separate the peptide sequence you synthesized from the solid support together with removing amino acid side-chain protecting groups. If you are interested in getting to know peptide synthesis in detail, you can visit our resource page at and Choose the right resin for your research As mentioned above, the solid phase peptide synthesis is carried out on a solid support (resin). It has to be able to remain stable under different temperature conditions and against mechanical mixing before the reagents can get to its active regions. And the most popular particle sizes for the resins are usually 100-200 mesh and 200-400 mesh. 70-90 mesh is less popular as the previous ones but it is not uncommon to see scientists using this particle size in their research. Choosing the right resin and the right resin supplier in USA for your synthesis is crucial because factors like your research purpose and approach all have direct influence on the resins you choose. In some cases, scientists and researches prefer to purchase preloaded resins from resin supplier directly so it is more convenient and efficient. Applied Polytech is here and ready to fulfill your various research needs for researchers in both Canada and USA. We can be the trustworthy resin supplier for your lab, as well as the resin wholesale supplier for your institution. Wholesale Resin Supplies Purchasing resins in bulk quantity from resin wholesale suppliers can ensure a stable supply for a rather long period of time. Placing only one order instead of multiple orders means the lead time is largely reduced and correspondingly researching and/or production efficiency gets greatly improved. Also, the unit price could be much lower and the other overhead costs associated with PO generating, order purchasing, internal liaising and transportation could be remarkably reduced as well. Our lab for research and development is located in Sorrento Technology Park, San Diego, USA and supply office is located in Toronto, Canada. Among all the resin wholesale suppliers in the United States and Canada, we promise to be your closest and most reliable one within reasonable price range without compromising our product quality. We can customize your bill format to cater to different auditing requirements from your financial department. We also accept debit cards, credit cards, p cards (university credit cards), and purchase orders as payment methods. We cut all unnecessary processes to save time and resources for your wholesale resin supplies needs. We are not just one of the resin wholesale suppliers. Our line of products includes most commonly used solid phase peptide synthesis resin: Wang Resin, Aminomethyl Resin, MBHA Resin, Rink Amide Resin, Rink Amide-AM Resin, Rink Amide-MBHA Resin, 2-Chlorotrityl Chloride Resin, Merrifield Resin, Macroporous Chloromethyl Resin, PAM Resin, Hydroxymethyl Resin, Sieber Resin, preloaded resins and more! You can get those resins cross-linked with 1% of DVB in various loadings and particle sizes. Apart from wholesale resin supplies, Applied Polytech can also offer you a variety of resins in different particle sizes and loadings for lab and research needs. When you think of resin supplier USA, you think of Applied Polytech. Visit our product page to place your order now! Resin Wholesale Suppliers/Wholesale Resin Supplies/Resin Supplier USA

Our Highlights

We provide -CL Functionalized Resins, -OH Functionalized Resins, -NH2 Functionalized Resins, Fmoc-NH Functionalized Resins, Trityl Resins, Oxime Resins, as well as a variety of preloaded resins coupled to MBHA Resins, Merrifield Resins, 2-Cl-Trt Resin, Wang Resin and more.

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  • CV < 3.5%

  • Sizes from 0.1 - 50 μm 

  • Perfect for fluidic dynamics and micro well fabrication

  • Provided in de-ionized water with surfactant (<0.1%) that can be easily washed away

  • Can be easily surface-functionalized via chemical bond formation

  • Can be adapted to other common biological buffers like phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) or organic solvents like ethanol via repeated centrifugation and resuspension



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Supplying parts and materials to the leading machine manufacturing group in Europe. The ISO 9001 standard sets out the minimum requirements for our quality management system.


Our products and services are provided under competivie prices because we value a long-term stable relationship with our customers


An immediate replacement or refund will be issued if you are unhappy with the performance of the product

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