Applied Polytech Inc. is a Canada-based biotech company. We specialize in SPPS resin supply and strive to serve both academia and industry with our products. We are a small, dedicated group of individuals looking to provide a variety of resins with dedication, quality and compliance. Our line of products includes Resins for Solid Phase Synthesis, Resins for DNA synthesis, Pre-loaded Resins, Polystyrene Resin and Scavenger Resins. We guarantee customer satisfaction and value a long and stable customer relationship with our customers. An immediate replacement or refund will be issued if you are unhappy with the performance of the product. 


We aim to become your most reliable research partner by providing best customer care and competitive pricing without compromising on the product quality. 


Satisfied customers are our best ads!

4-Benzyloxybenzyl Alcohol Resin
AM Resin
4-Methylbenzhydrylamine Hydrochloride Salt Resin

Our Featured Products

Thanks to the University of Pennsylvania​ and scientists from San Diego, California, the home to a world-class biotechnology center, we are capable of applying the latest technology to our resins and delivering them to our clients with extremely competitive price. 
Our lab for research and development is located in Sorrento Technology Park, San Diego and supply office is located in Toronto.
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